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Buying Rural Real Estate Inspecting and Testing the Septic & Well - A MUST!

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What You Need to Know About Safe Drinking Water

Testing for Potability (safe drinking water)

If you are buying a home where it's water supply comes from a well source there are precautions that you need to take as the buyer. First and foremost, at the very least, you must have the water tested for potability, which means safe for drinking.

Additional Testing May Be Something You Need to Consider

However this test alone is not sufficient to identify other problems that may exist in the water such has high salt content, sulfur, iron etc. A Royal LePage Team Realty Sales Representative will assist and advise as to Water Testing Companies that are available in the Ottawa Area that are able to test for other properties that may be hazardous to you and your family's health.

Testing Flow Rate

Another element that needs to be considered is the well's flow rate to ensure that an adequate water supply is being delivered to the home to accommodate your family's usage needs.

Testing Well Components, Electrical Components and Pump and Pressure System

Also, the pump and pressure system, well cap and electrical components servicing the well will need inspection and your Royal LePage Team Realty Sales Representative will assist with arranging for service providers to carry out this inspection for you.

Old and Non-Operational Wells - Grant Monies Available

If you are buying a property that has an old non operational well or wells, your Royal LePage Team Realty Sales Representative can also provide you with information on grants that are available for the closure of these types of wells.

Water and Your Well (pdf)

Water Testing Information and Locations (pdf)

Water Well Individual Record Search Request Form (pdf)


Septic Systems

It is abosultely imperative, that if you are considering buying a home that is serviced by a septic system that you have this system inspected by a professional engineer in that trade. Albeit, this inspection at first glance will seem to be somewhat costly, however it may save you thousands of dollars in upgrading or replacement costs in the future. The cost to replace or upgrade a system is far greater than installing a new one on a virgin site. The cost for replacement can be as high as $15,000. to $20,000., sometimes more, depending on how much damage the old system has done to the soils in and around the system. The cost of a professional inspection can range from $350.00 to $500.00 which in comparison is considerably less than the cost to cure.

Septic Searches

Ottawa Septic System Office
c/o 3889 Rideau Valley Drive
(corner of Prince of Wales & Rideau Valley Drive) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Phone : 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504
Fax : 613-692-0831


Private Sewage Disposal System Search Form (pdf)

Septic Systems and Your Well (pdf)


 Please note that when buying a home that is serviced by well and septic, your Royal LePage Team Realty Sales Representative will protect your interests every step of the way. There is no need to carry out the above noted inspections prior to making an offer and incur unnecessary expenses. Your Team Agent will incorporate terms and conditions and warranties in your agreement of purchase and sale to allow for any necessary inspections, that will be carried out only after you have agreed to an accepted purchase price with the seller.

For more information, please contact a Royal LePage TEAM REALTY Sales Representative.