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Silver Linings

Updated Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Giving thanks is a daily ritual of mine.  As such, I decided that I would like to blog about something I’m passionate about and in doing so perhaps it may help just one person who is feeling down, to put a smile….if ever so slightly on their face.

These bi-weekly posts are meant to resonate and inspire. I plan on using my own life’s experiences as my cliff to jump off. Occasionally, I shall re-post from inspirational sayings that fit in with my own experiences.


Silver Linings


In this COVID-19 pandemic, people have started seeing the silver lining.  Most are thinking of ingenious way to stay connected while doing what they love to do.  I hear of musicians banning together to create such wonderful music for us all.  Our scientists worldwide are working together for a vaccine and sharing data to help all the medical physicians understand what they are up against.  Pollution levels are down as there are fewer businesses polluting and not as many vehicles on the road.  Great for our environment!  There are also people who are being gracious for all the small things that they have that perhaps they took for granted before. Family time has become stronger for one and hugs...I am so missing hugs.....I will hug you longer than you may be used to.  I am seeking the softness that I know with all my heart still lives and breathes in each of us.   And all this as I am writing on Palm Sunday....a day of which a good many would probably be attending church.  I myself, although a christian, am not a regular church goer as I say my thank yous to God each and every day.  He knows who I am. 

I hope and pray that when the dust settles, and we all return to what is our new norm, the positives become permanent and the silver lining becomes a shining light.   There is no time more precious than NOW to be present and not lose ourselves. 



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