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Become The Person You Were Meant To Be

Updated Friday, April 17, 2020
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Giving thanks is a daily ritual of mine.  As such, I decided that I would like to blog about something I’m passionate about and in doing so perhaps it may help just one person who is feeling down, to put a smile….if ever so slightly on their face.

These bi-weekly posts (although it seems I'm doing them more often of late) are meant to resonate and inspire. I plan on using my own life’s experiences as my cliff to jump off. Occasionally, I shall re-post from inspirational sayings that fit in with my own experiences.



If you've ever really wondered what kind of person you are, this precarious time in history will help to carve out the basics. It is indeed a reckoning, all this. You'll be getting a clearer picture of your character and what you need to keep and discard. I know I am.

There is an eerie calm that has settled in out here, a lonely quiet that forces me to think about being a human being and what it actually means to be one. I am minding it less- the unknown things, fighting them less often. I'm not counting hours or calculating 'how long' this will take. I'm simply letting myself be where I am.

I get up and make my coffee. Make breakfast and read my online newspaper. I then make my bed. I put on clean, comfortable clothes and then I wash my face and slather on cream, brush my teeth.  I stand and look at myself in the mirror and flick the doubts off of my shoulders.

Such small things in my life feel like it is so giant to me right now.   I gaze out the kitchen window into my front lawn which is just starting to look like spring.  I feel like I'm waiting for someone. Maybe it's me. I'm waiting for me to show up.

I light a fire under me and it's like an elixir. It is mesmerizing or can be depending on my mood.

No need to pack a bag for a long or short trip. I can be where I am which is exactly where I’m meant to be. 

I suppose I could conjure up the voices of worry in my head. But I'm not going to. Worry is a liar.

This little shard of history will fold over itself. It's going to take some time. It will require patience and more than anything else, an enormous amount of kindness.

Treat other people kindly.  Take only what you need. Share what you have. Encourage others whenever you can. Be positive even when you're not sure. Be determined. Be steadfast. Be careful. Smile when you pass a stranger on the street. We are not each other's enemy, we are each other's salvation. There is no life without a community of souls. We imperfect souls blazing through the universe in search of true love. A true love of ALL living things. Let us protect what we have left when this lifts. Let's not go back. We have it in us to be so much more. 





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